New Inspirations:

I have lived in many countries and many regions. Now, my destiny has brought me to Yorkshire. Life here is different and so my inspirations have changed too. England and particularly Yorkshire has impressed me with its landscapes and its respect for history and art. The Romans and Vikings are still here in the landscape, in the places, in the people and in the language too! Yorkshire has a feeling of spiritual beauty, its natural riches cannot be hidden even by some of the architectural errors of its crowded city centres. Some artists dedicate their work to the dark satanic mills and crowded cityscapes. I am not against progress and modern technology but it is when one walks on the finely crafted surface of the earth that nature has created, then, it seems to me, that the magic appears and the fairytale starts. The magic was preserved under the surface of the land here in Yorkshire…or is the myth created by me as I interact with the land? My characters come from this spirit of this land.

I enjoy the obvious contrasts in Yorkshire – the open spaces and densely populated cities, bare hillsides and wooded valleys. These give rise to creative impulses for artists, musicians and writers alike. Sometimes, I have to leave hustle and bustle of life behind to enjoy the melody of the woods and streams or the wildlife in the fields which will open my mind to new vistas and compositions on a canvas.

It is the practicality and sincerity of the people of Yorkshire that help to make the place special, blended with the mystical place in which they live. I am sure that the characters in my paintings, were they to emerge from the canvas into a Yorkshire landscape, would be immediately comfortable and at one with their surroundings despite their legendry or spiritual background. After all, they were created from the very spirit and essence of the county. The details of singing birds and flowering grasses come directly from the Yorkshire landscape and despite the strength of my subjects from those details, a piece of Yorkshire will come full circle and enter the observer without them ever realising.