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Children’s drawing classes

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Children’s drawing classes have now started on Sundays between 11 and 12 in my studio.

Classes are taught in a fun small group but the skills learned are classical drawing techniques which will lead to a lifetime of enjoyment of art and the creation of art.

To find out more contact me or come and visit the studio.


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New Term for Drawing Classes

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Dear Friends,

We will start again our drawing classes in the first week of September- 1st and 5th.
I am looking forward to see my old friends and  new members of our Art Club.
As usual we are going to have two days in the week Tuesdays at 10 and Sutardays at 10.30,for two hours.

It will be up to you which day,or both you can manage to come.
This year I have decided to have an advanced payment for ten lessons and it will be flexible for you if you miss sessions( Ill or going on holidays).
Please let me know which day/s you would like to pick up.

I am planning this year to teach you as usual things like classical drawing skills in traditional method (composition,proportions,colour balance,portraits and anatomy,etc)I will help you to find your own unique stile by trying different stylisations.
A new subject for part of this year will be  illustrations for your favourite literature novels.
In addition and following our tradition,l would like to hold a Hats party,Sauna party and an Exibition party in my Studio.

Any comments or Ideas are welcome for discussion!.

Please do not forget to bing your own drawing materials and  paper.
I look forward to the greatest achievements and the best company.



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