Natalia Dolgova
Born in 1968 Ust-Omchug, Magadan Region, Russia

Education and artistic activity:

  • 1983 Art school, Ust-Omchug, Russia
  • 1983 Graduated from Elementary Art School, Magadan
  • 1984-88 Regional Arts College of Magadan, Russia
  • 1989-94 Studies at the V.I. Mukhina Academy of Industrial Art, St. Petersburg
  • 1994 Participation in Moscow in the UNESCO festival dedicated to the International Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Indigenous People in the Northern Hemisphere
  • 1995-05 Article and publication in North Space magazine, Moscow, Russia
  • 1996 Birth of son, Tikhon
  • 1999 Member of the Russian Artists’ Union, Section of Monumental Paintings
  • 2000-05 Studio and work in Kirsten Kijers museum, Denmark
  • 2005 Moved to England
  • 2005 Birth of son, Anton
  • 2007 Holmfirth Art Week
  • 2011-12 Icons of Faith & Fate Gallery 8, Duke Street, London
  • 2013 Kindred Spirits exhibition, North Light Gallery, Huddersfield
  • 2014 Opened her new Studio – Fringe venue for Holmfirth Art Week and Tour de France Art venue

Seperate exhibitions:

  • 1992 “Strange Verlung”, Berlin, Germany

  • 1993 S.U.S.I. Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum, Berlin

  • 1994 Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Frøstrup, Denmark

  • 1994 House of Journalists, Moscow, Russia

  • 1995 Regional Ethnographic and Cultural Museum, Magadan, Russia

  • 1996 Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Frøstrup, Denmark

  • 1999 Blue Sitting Room, Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • 2001 Special feature in “Jyllands-Posten”, Danish newspaper

  • 2002 Culture House, Aarhus, Denmark

  • 2002 Permanent Gallery, Viborg County, Denmark

  • 2002 Greenland House, Aarhus, Denmark

  • 2002 Jylland Posten, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2003 Kalaallit Illuutaat-The Greenland House, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2003 “The World of Chukotka” exhibition in the framework of the celebration of the 300 years anniversary of St.Petersburg, Peter`s Manege, Russia

  • 2003 “Kukunet is opening her sicrets”, Russian Museum of Ethnography, Saint-Peterburg, Russia

  • 2004 Bo Lumen Gallery, Baallum, Ameland, Holland

  • 2004 Gallery “De Linden”, Wijk bij Duusrstede, Holland

  • 2005 Billedstedet Gallery, Brovst, Danmark

  • 2005 “Rejndear”, Kunst House, Hanstholm, Denmark

  • 2006-15 Annual exhibitions at Kirsten Kjaers Museum, Denmark

  • 2011 “Icons of Faith & Fate” Gallery 8, Duke Street, London

  • 2013 “Kindred Spirits”, North Light Gallery, Huddersfield
  • 2014 -15 Fringe Venue exhibitions Holmfirth Art Week

Shared exhibitioms:

  • 1989 Exhibition Hall in the Artists’ Union, Magadan, Russia
  • 1992 State Concert-Exhibition Complex, Smolny Cathedral, together with “Ally Group”, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 1998 “Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling”, Tirstrup, Denmark
  • 1998 47th Annual Summer Exhibition, Society of Arts, Rye, England
  • 1999 “New Language”, international project, Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg
  • 1999 “Nude and Infinity”, House of Journalists, St. Petersburg
  • 2000 “All Petersburg”, annual exhibition, St. Petersburg
  • 2000 “Manège”, Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
  • 2000 “All Petersburg”, annual exhibition, St. Petersburg
  • 2001 “Wall”, annual exhibition, Artists’ Union, St. Petersburg
  • 2007 Holmfirth Art Week, Yorkshire, England
  • 2013 “Kindred Spirits” with Peter Whiteman, Huddersfield, England

Brief description of artistic activity:

Within the last 14 years – a combination of research and artistic activity in preservation and popularisation of the eco-culture of the Northern nations (Eskimos, Chukchis, Evenks and Koryaks).

  • 1994 Participation in the opening of the tenth International Anniversary of Native Nations in Moscow under the aegis of UNESCO
  • 1994 Articles and publication of paintings in the magazine “Severnyje Prostory”, Russia
  • 2001 Special article about her art in the national newspaper “Jyllands-Posten”, Denmark
  • 2002 Special article about her art in the Copenhagen Section of the national newspaper “Jyllands-Posten”, Denmark
  • 2002 Development of the project and design of an animated cartoon together with Ø Film, Denmark
  • 2003 Interview in RTR , Russian News TV Station


  • The Regional Museum of Anthropology, Magadan, Russia
  • Magadan City Administration, Magadan, Russia
  • Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Denmark
  • Private collections in Russia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Eire, USA and the U.K.
  • Resident artist since 2000 at Kirsten Kjærs Museum Denmark.